The Orginial World's Largest "Free Standing" Hockey Stick

Eveleth Celebrates Hockey
Eveleth Celebrates Hockey
Utilizing the identical process that is used to build standard size hockey sticks right down to the "pro 1000" logo and "slap sock," Christian Brothers built the 107 foot stick of white and yellow aspen with a finishing weight of 7,000 pounds.  The shaft was 15 inches thick by 22 inches wide by 17 feet long.

On September 16th, 1995, the original Stick was dedicated with much fanfare to the hockey players of the past, present and future and to the spirit of hockey in Eveleth.

To add to the attraction a hockey puck that is 5 feet by 20 inches and weighs 700 pounds was added in addtion to a 30 foot high by 80 foot wide mural of a goalie poised to stop the puck which adorns the wall of the local storefront across the street. The

Canadians do have a wooden structure of a hockey stick that is both longer and heavier, but it was turned down by the World Book of Records since the sculpture was not a real hockey stick.

On July 3rd, 2001 the Stick was removed from it's suppports and lowered to the ground on the site due to concerns of it's structural integrity.  In September of 2001, the City of Eveleth had determined the replacement of the Stick to the be the most cost effective solution.  In an effort to offset the costs of replacing the Stick a partnership between the City of Eveleth and the Chamber of Commerce was created to offer "authentic" pieces of the Stick in return for a $5.00 donation.  These pieces of the original Stick are now a rare find in Eveleth.

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